Monday, March 2, 2009

FW: 9/11

the site below is part one of 18 on 911. They are (for the most part) 10 minute You Tube Vignettes on various aspects of the disaster.

This is the short part one of 18.

Watch them at your leisure in ten minute bursts

It provides excellent evidence for the how, the why and the cover-up of the 911 World Trade Center buildings collapse.

This is part 12

I've also posted this on my blog, , if you want to check it out

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Tim Ferris said...

John, when you forward the email to the post, take the Windows Live Contacts thing off the bottom before you send it.

Better yet, can you totally eliminate that from popping up in all your emails?

Tim Ferris said...

So, madmonk, when's the next post?