Monday, March 2, 2009

FW: 9/11

the site below is part one of 18 on 911. They are (for the most part) 10 minute You Tube Vignettes on various aspects of the disaster.

This is the short part one of 18.

Watch them at your leisure in ten minute bursts

It provides excellent evidence for the how, the why and the cover-up of the 911 World Trade Center buildings collapse.

This is part 12

I've also posted this on my blog, , if you want to check it out

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FW: Dope, Inc. Updated

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 11:36:10 -0500
Subject: Dope, Inc. Updated

Dope, Inc. is back. The blockbuster book published by EIR in 1979, updated in 1992, and again in 1996, has been updated again for the current issue of EIR. I am sending you a link to the first 49 pages of this week's EIR, the entire Dope, Inc. package:
The package contains:
Britain's Dope, Inc.: Marker for
Humanity's New Dark Age
Dennis Small introduces
an EIR special report: The British Empire is wielding
Dope, Inc., today, just as it waged its Opium War against
China in the 19th Century, with an eye towards menticide.
Indeed, it is the drug economy that is propping up
what remains of the global financial system. Contains
detailed graphs and charts on the drug business today.
Message from Afghanistan: Get Rid of
Opium, or Perish

* Mexico's Descent into Hell Can Be Stopped
* Soros and the British Drug Lords:
How the Empire Created 'Decrim'
* LaRouche: 'Medical Marijuana' Is a Fraud
* Soros's Narco-Politicians Demand
Drug Legalization

    The Latin American Commission on Drugs and
Democracy (LACDD) calls for legalizing
marijuana for personal consumption.
* The Soros/Malloch-Brown Factor in Afghanistan
* Drug Money Laundering Keeps the Banks Alive
* George Soros Nailed in Dope Banking
* The Opium War: 200 Years of British Drug Wars
* Afghanistan Heroin Drives Drug Epidemic in Russia
* Russia's Policy will Determine the Path to Peace in Afghanistan
Please circulate this as widely as possible.    Mike Billington


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